Business development services

We assist our customers to enhance and improve their internal and external communication and to automate their business development and sales processes.

Audit and report

First we audit the current status of the communication and processes by interviewing the agreed profiles and by analyzing how the current IT applications and software are supporting the business. In the audit report we will introduce the needed changes.

Development Plan

If a company agrees to those changes, we will create the development plan which always includes both “quick wins” and longer term development goals. After the development plan has been approved we will agree on our role on executing the plan.


We have successfully executed projects in the Middle East to increase the productivity of the staff by enhancing the employees’ satisfaction in their current working environment. On top of increases productivity and employee satisfaction, in most of the cases our customers have also managed to cut costs. We use globally tested solutions in these projects.

Our playground is everywhere

Sales Services

We have the best possible contacts with local companies and international companies acting in the Middle East. We have built our network during the last 10 years. Using our network and good relationships with decision makers we guarantee the fastest, most profitable and cost effective market entry to the Middle East markets.

We will introduce your business, products, services and solutions to right profiled partner candidates or end customer prospects depending on your business model. This will require very little of your own resources. If the feedback will be positive, we can offer you our Sales Process Services.
With this proven concept you’ll control the risks and will get the fastest possible results from the competitive Middle East markets.

When the time is right we will assist you on company formation. We’ll give you all the needed information to choose whether you need to have a LLC or a Free Zone company. We have a functioning network and sponsors for the successful company formation in the Middle East.

Sales Process Services

Our Sales Process Services will cover the entire direct and indirect sales processes from lead generation to prospecting and all the way to closing deals for you.
We can act as a reseller or an agent for you in the Middle East or we can be your “own Middle East sales department” using your business cards and emails. After we’ve managed to generate revenue from the Middle East markets we can also provide you our post sales services to secure the customer satisfaction.

If you have an indirect sales model, we’ll give all the needed support to your channel partners to generate more sales.

Understanding the customer

To serve your customer better you must have clear understanding of how he/she will experience your products, services or solutions. On our solutions portfolio we have state of art application to collection customer behavior and experience data. This application will crunch the data into easy to understand “business language” which will lead for better customer experience and finally to generate more sales.

Our playground is everywhere

We combine global experience with local expertise.

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